Wall of Noise Web of Silence
concept album
Project Description

On October 19th 2017, dp, The Artist Formerly Known as David Pledger, performed Wall of Noise, Web of Silence at Storey Hall, RMIT University to conclude his research as a doctoral candidate in the Spatial Information Architecture Lab, School of Architecture and Design, RMIT University, Melbourne.

In 2018, he developed the material into a concept album, an immersive online rollercoaster of politics, artistic practice and speeches that contributes to our way of understanding how the production of noise and silence determines the tone, frequency and recording of our cultural and political systems in the age of neo-liberal capitalism.

The A-Side, Wall of Noise, features dp’s navigation of democracy in the age of neo-liberalism through the lens of the arts.

The B-Side, Web of Silence, imagines a future in which artistic practice is the prevailing determinant. Noise and silence are the aesthetic frames. The arts, society and politics provide the windows. Hope, rigor and courage shape the image and sound.

Immersive, interactive, dream-like and otherworldly, Web of Silence leaves us in a frame of mind, simultaneously reflective and progressive, with a sense of real possibility for the future.

Project Credits
Peter Brundle
James Sandri (More Studios)