Training Squad
2013, 2000, 1996
outdoor performance
Project Description

Originally conceived in response to the fire sale of public space to private developers by the conservative State Government of Victoria in 1996, Training Squad developed into an artistic statement on the encroaching occupation of public spaces by government and extra-governmental entities. Using sport as the medium of protest, Training Squad plays out its martial history in defence of the public domain disrupting and challenging conventional notions of resistance and action.

Project Credits
Made by

David Pledger


Peter Eckersall 

Paul Jackson 

Khat Tran Viet 

Greg Ulfan

Danielle LongLouise Taube

Mark Hennessy

Adam Broinowski

Katia Molino

Jillian Pearce

Paul Boingivanni

Odette Joannides

Simon Hall

Todd MacDonald

Dan Witton

Lucia Mastrantone

Adelina Larrson

Adam Deusien

Alison McGregor

Alison Plevey

Jake Silvestro

Kate Hosking

Lachlan Sukroo

Mica Hartley

Phillipa Dickens

Raoul Craemer

Commissioned by:

Originally commissioned by Melbourne International Festival of the Arts 1996

Commissioned and presented by the Australian Pavilion at EXPO 2000 as Olympic Training Squad and presented by Aarhus Festival 2000


Commissioned by Centenary of Canberra 2013, proudly supported by the ACT Government and the Australian Government; supported by the Australian Institute of Sport