The Things We Did Next
2029, 2019
collaborative futuring practice
Project Description

The Things We Did Next is a collaborative practice co-curated by David Pledger and Alex Kelly and produced by Sophia Marinos that generates a series of interconnected artworks and projects that collectively imagine multiple futures.

A multi-platform, speculative futures collaboration, the practice is a culture-led response to the global issues of our time: climate disruption, social inequity and zoonotic diseases transmitted on a pandemic scale.

The Things We Did Next transports collaborators, participants and audiences to 2029 when significant impacts on planetary health are a daily reality, alongside powerful upheavals of our cultural, political and energy systems.

Current projects include Assembly for The Future, the publishing program Dispatches from the Future, the design project The Things We Made Next and the sound-feature The Planting. 

Project Credits

David Pledger
Alex Kelly


Sophia Marinos

A full list of collaborators is available on the project website.
Commissioned by:

Assembly for the Future 2020 has been commissioned, developed and supported by  the City of Melbourne through Arts House as part of BLEED 2020. 


Produced by NYID and Something Somewhere Inc.


Supported by Australia Council for the Arts, The Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation, Besen Foundation, Monash Climate Change Communications Research Hub, Bertha Foundation, SIAL Sound Studios RMIT, Northern Territory Government, Vitalstatistix, Campbelltown Arts Centre, echotango and the Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation.