Strangeland Triptych
2009, 2008, 2006
contemporary dance
Project Description

Strangeland Triptych is premised on the question: how does neo-conservative rule manifest in the body?

In apoliticaldance (2006), community and intimacy are revealed as physical conceits strangled by repetition, banality, insecurity and fear.

In The Dispossessed (2008), these physical conceits are filtered through the literary tropes of Michel Houellebecq’s ‘The Possibility of An Island’, Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Road’ and Samuel Beckett’s novella ‘The Lost Ones’ creating a fictional, fantastic circumstance of constraint and deprivation.

In strangeland (2009), the physical and the literary terraform a landscape of the future through an embodied algorithm of ‘forever pain’ and human suffering.

In each performance panel, the Triptych deepens an ambient strategy using a physical language that crosses krumping with liturgical dance, body-slamming with voguing and Australian Rules Football with modes of locomotion based on shuffling, stepping, walking and gliding. This language bleeds from NYID’s signature training system, body listening, that enables visceral communication between performers, and between performers and audience.

It is the body that manifests our fears, our neuroses, our true sensibility. It is the body that shows us what we are when our mind deceives us.

Project Credits
Concept / Direction

David Pledger


Claire Sung 

David Pledger


Todd MacDonald 

Ingrid Weisfelt 

Song In Song 

Seo Sang Won 

Kim Kwang Duk 

Kim Namjin 

Oh Dae Sok 

Vincent Crowley 

Sara Black 

Sang-A Kong 

Carlee Mellow

Set Design

David Pledger 

Paul Jackson

Make-Up Design

Lee Dong Min

Lighting Design

Paul Jackson 

Niklas Pajanti

Sound Design

Peter Brundle

Dramaturgical Support

Peter Eckersall

Commissioned by:

apoliticaldance was funded by Australia Council for the Arts and City of Melbourne through Arts House (2006) 


The Dispossessed was commissioned by Seoul Performing Arts Festival 2008, presented by Seoul Arts Centre and co-produced by NYID with Wuturi Theatre


Strangeland was co-produced by NYID and Wuturi Theatre and presented in Melbourne and by City of Melbourne through Arts House (2009) for the In-Between Festival