The Desert Project
performance research
Project Description

An investigation of the physical practices of performance in Central Australian deserts. 

Over 17 days, NYID traveled to three locations in the remotest part of the world, the desert lands in the north of South Australia. NYID applied the company’s training principles and practices in survival conditions of extreme heat and physical isolation. The results of their research were presented to an invited audience on the day of their return to Melbourne. 

Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski would not have been out of place in this project.

Project Credits
Made by

David Pleger 


Peter Eckersall

Paul Jackson

Tamara Saulwick

Paul Bongiovanni

Katia Molino

Kha Tran Viet

Greg Ulfan

Danielle Long

Greg Ulfan

Commissioned by:

Adelaide Festival of the Arts