The Austral/Asian Post:Cartoon Sports Edition
multimedia performance
Project Description

The Austral/Asian Post:Cartoon Sports Edition reflects Australian society’s obsession with sport in the form of a theatrical comic book. Using live-action replays and real-time recording, vox pops, exhibition matches, gestural codes, tonnes of sweat and enough adrenaline to wake the dead, NYID play-makers capture the essence of sport in private moments, archetypal actions and extraordinary psychological states where politics, racism, jingoism, advertising and the 2000 Olympics loom large in the company’s award-winning hard-line, visual, visceral vocabulary. 

Project Credits
Made by

David Pledger


Peter Eckersall 

Paul Jackson 

Kha Tran Viet 

Greg Ulfan

Danielle LongLouise Taube

Mark Hennessy

Adam Broinowski

Katia Molino

Jillian Pearce

Paul Boingivanni

Paul Hosking

Shane Grant

Commissioned by:

Funded by the Victoria Commissions through the Community Support Fund; supported by Malthouse Theatre