Running Man
performance research
Project Description

Commissioned by Robyn Archer for the Alfred Deakin Lecture Series, Running Man is  founded on the research question: what happens in the brain when the body is subjected to the stress of physical endurance? The research is placed in the historical context of acting and physical performance and how it relates to broader contexts of sport and science, and the interrelated concept of being ‘in the zone’.

Delivered by David Pledger as a lecture/performance/demonstration accompanied by exercise scientist, Dr Justin Kemp, stunt-man Harley Stumm and a pre-recorded appearance by pioneering media artist, Professor Jeffrey Shaw, the performance includes the demonstration of a provisional methodology to record and map the data of the body’s changing physical state and deliver it into a real-time interactive experience. Presentational media include X-rays, video recordings of medical procedures and a fair bit of running.

Project Credits
Lead Artist

David Pledger

Exercise Scientist

Dr Justin Kemp

Key Investigator

Professor Jeffrey Shaw

Visualisation Editor

Gregory Ferris

Associate Investigators

Dr Miriam Beauchamp

Dr Peter Eckersall

Commissioned by:

The Alfred Deakin Lecture Series, supported by The School of Exercise Science, ACU National, The Centre for Clinical Neurosciences & Neurological Research (CCNNR), St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne and ALiVE, City University, Hong Kong.