2019, 2018
theatre, installation
Project Description

Written and directed by David Pledger for, and with, visual artist and jeweller, Su-san Cohn, Meaninglessness is a performance talk about objects and people in which the personal and political intertwine with the artistic to navigate the global issue of displaced peoples. Using the four-leaf clover as a prism, the performance interweaves threads of courage, trust, hope and love with the audience’s connection to jewellery.

Meaninglessness asks the question: what does an artist do when their government operates on values that are hostile to their own? To which is offered up a quietly subversive antidote to society’s anxiety about the stranger, the newcomer, the other.

The work was triggered by the Danish Government’s 2016 Jewellery Legislation requiring any assets over DK10,000 – including ‘non-sentimental’ or ‘meaningless’ jewellery’ – to be confiscated by border authorities to subsidise the upkeep of people seeking asylum in Denmark.

Project Credits
Lead Artist / Producer

Su-san Cohn

Co-Writer / Director

David Pledger

Producer (Denmark)

Susanne Danig 


Fred Kroh

Commissioned by:

cohnartist productions and Danig Performing Arts Service in collaboration with not yet it’s difficult (NYID) at BIRCA Residency Centre, Bornholm, Denmark.


Produced in Australia by cohnartist productions in collaboration with not yet it’s difficult (NYID).