2005, 2003, 2002
multimedia theatre
Project Description

K refracts the events of 9/11 through the multi-faceted prism of Franz Kafka’s The Trial, George Orwell’s 1984 and Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. 

By fusing hard-core physical action, digital technology, sonic architectures and new texts, a dark, humorous and violent landscape called ‘democracy’ is mapped out in the new Information Age.

Originally produced for Melbourne International Festival of the Arts 2002, K was invited to open the Vienna Festwochen 2003 and was re-commissioned by Seoul Performing Arts Festival 2005 as a bi-lingual production.

Project Credits
Writer / Director

David Pledger


David Pledger

Paul Jackson

Sound Design

Lawrence Harvey

Lighting Design

Shane Grant

Costumes and Props

Danielle Harrison

Film Editor

Mark Atkin

Director Of Photography

Michael Wlliams

Text Graphics & Additional Video Material

Paul Hosking

Dramaturgical Consultants

Tom Considine

Tamara Saulwick


Tony Briggs

Natalie Cursio

Mark Hennessy

Simon Kingsley

Seo Sang Won 

Luciano Martucci

Greg Ulfan

Vivienne Walshe

Louise Taube

Tamara Saulwick


David Pledger

Technical/production manager

Paul Jackson

Company Dramaturg

Peter Eckersall

Stage Manager

Carmel Duffy

lx operator

Niklas Pajanti

Sound Operator

Santha Press

Lawrence Harvey

Assistant Stage Manager

Kate Kelly

Technician / AV Operator

Tristan Bourke

Marketing and Publicity

Natalie Cursio

Front-of-House Manager

Heather Ruck

Production Photography

Lyn Pool

K Korea

Claire Sung

Associate Producer

Todd Macdonald

Assistant Production Manager

Niklas Pajanti

Stage Manager / Vision Switcher

Lydia Teychenne

Assistant Directors

Natalie Cursio 

Byun Chong Joo

Commissioned by:

Melbourne International Festival of the Arts 2002, supported by Melbourne Museum and developed with the support of Melbourne Theatre Company; script commissioned by Sydney Opera House. 

Korean production commissioned by Seoul Performing Arts Festival 2005 and co-produced with KNUA Dolgoogi Theatre; Funded by Australia Council for the Arts 

Presented by Vienna Festwochen 2003