Journey to Confusion
2005, 2002
contemporary dance, performance research
Project Description

Journey to Confusion advanced the idea of ‘con-fusion’ as a basis for intercultural artistic practice in the performance environment. 

En route to a live performance commissioned by Next Wave Festival 2002, publicly presented developments in Melbourne (1999) and Tokyo (2000) generated an explosive dialogue in space and time between bodies and cultures represented by NYID and Japanese dance company, Gekkidan Kaitaisha.

The performance was set in the public and private places in which we watch and wait, sleep and dream, fight and dance, transitory spaces such as airport lounges, railway stations, detention centres and dance-halls in “an event on the borders of life, exploring transitional and transgressive behaviours in extreme travelspace.”

The project hosted performance-based research, public fora, open rehearsals and workshops. Writings on the project were disseminated in conferences, journal publications and a book, Alternatives, edited by NYID dramaturg Peter Eckersall with Professor Uchino Tadashi and Morayama Naoto. 

Project Credits
Journey to Confusion (1999)
Artistic Directors

David Pledger 

Shimizu Shinjin


Hino Hiruko

Kumamoto Kenjiro Nakajima Miyuki

Moriyama Masako

Nomoto Ryoko

Urasoe Hisafumi

Aoto Reiko

Tsuchimoto Tadashi

Urayama Mariko

Akaiwa Kazumi

Fujishiro Aki

Hasegawa Tomoko

Tsuchimoto Tadashi

Urayama Mariko

Akaiwa Kazumi

Ishii Yasuji

Adam Broinowski

Katia Molino

Greg Ulfan

Paul Bongiovanni

Louise Taube

Simon Kingsley


Yumi Umiumare

Inoue Ai


Peter Eckersall


Hata Takeshi 

Peter Eckersall 

Paul Jackson

David Pledger


Miyauchi Katsu 

Production and Tour Manager (Kaitaisha)

Hata Takeshi 

Technical Manager & Lighting Designer (NYID)

Paul Jackson

Stage Manager

Angela Hicks

Participant Scholars

Peter Eckersall

Rachael Fensham

Kitano Keisuke

Jonathan Marshall

Katherine Mezur

Moriyama Naoto

Nishido Kojin

Edward Scheer

Takahashi Yuichiro

Uchino Tadashi

Denise Varney

Commissioned by:

Next Wave Festival 2002 with ongoing support from Japan Foundation, Australia Council for the Arts, University of Melbourne and Morishita Studio