2017, 2016
site-specific festival, site-specific performance
Project Description

Hotelling is a new sport, a game for an adult audience, an alchemy of contemporary art and cultural hospitality set in Surfers Paradise hotels that recreate their reality every day.

The site is the lead character. 

The 2016 protagonist is QT Hotel, a highly theatrical establishment, its identity is ‘designer-detail’ and highly inclusive.  In the way its spaces interact, in the designer benches that greet you on every floor, in the lollipop costumes worn by staff, it shouts PLAYGROUND. Very Gold Coast, very showy, colourful, stylish, sensual, just the sensibility required to run a 48 hour rollercoaster of eclectic happenings in all corners of the hotel, top-to-bottom, left-to-right, inside-out. 

The 2017 protagonist is Peppers Soul, a 6-star luxury hotel that imperiously shadows the adjacent beach. It’s the perfect setting for Richard Hightower’s 118th birthday party. Decadent, luxurious, permissive and transgressive, Hightower’s longevity owes everything to high-quality cosmetic surgery and black market organ transplants. His life resonates the dissonance of Western Civilisation and his celebration is a symbol of its majesty and decline. High Tower Hotelling is part wake, part grande bouffe, part end-of-days cataclysm, and all party with a capital P.

Project Credits
2017 Hotelling

David Pledger & Louise Bezzina

Writer / Director

David Pledger

Produced by

Bleached Arts

Performer / Collaborators

Todd MacDonald

Ella Fence

Merlynn Tong

Sam Foster

Hayden Jones

Veronica Neave

Sandro Colarelli

Sound design

Guy Webster

2016 Down The Rabbit Hole Original
Concept / Direction

David Pledger


Claire Carlin 

Kate MacDonald

Future Mammal Digital Projection

Craig Walsh

Queen of Hearts / Dark and Gothic Performance

Moira Finucane (Finucane and Smith)

Ghosts in the Machine Sound Installation

Lawrence English

Bureau of Returns Object Installation

Byron Coathup

The Situation Room Participatory Digital and Live Performance

The Farm

The Crying Man Theatre, made with

Todd MacDonald

In-Focus Locative live performance, made with

Hayden Jones 

Tammy Zarb

Marco Sinigaglia

Steph Pokoj

Reuben Witsenhuysen

Tied Up / Tidy Up Theatre, made with

Sam Foster

Like a Rolling Stone Dance / Performance, made with

Kate Harman

Driven-In Drive In Locative live performance, made with

Sam Foster

Ellen Bailey 

Kristian Zantic

The Other World Locative live performances, made with

Alicia Min-Harvie

Ellen Bailey 

Kristian Zantic


Claudio Kirac (Art-Work Agency)

Commissioned by:

Commissioned by City of Gold Coast, produced by Bleached Arts and presented by QT Hotel (2016) and Peppers Soul (2017)