site-specific, multi-modal installation
Project Description

Hoist brings the Australian suburban icon, the Hills Hoist, to Melbourne’s Federation Square.

In collaboration with graffiti artists, writers, visual artists and members of the public, HOIST poses new ways of engaging with the suburbs through frames of landscape, popular culture and memory, representations of which are literally created in the one space through the prism provided by the iconic clothesline, the Hills Hoist. 

By bringing the narratives of suburbia into the city, the project aspires to ‘re-entangle’ the division between suburbs and city, inquiring as to what if anything separates them.

The last artistic invitation to the visitor is to register a story, memory or performative meditation on the meanings the installation has elicited for them. These are recorded by speaking into a clothes dryer specially installed to accept and ‘dry’ the newly washed remembrances. 

Project Credits
Made by

David Pledger 


Pia Johnson

Amber Haines

Graffiti Artist

Antony Hamilton

Melbourne Festival Writers

Van Badham

Steve Carroll

Chris Wallace-Crabbe

Alice Pung

Alicia Sometimes

Mick Thomas


Olivia Illic Crang

Amber Haines

Jarrod Lewis

Tristan Meecham


Lydia Teychenne 

Consultant Producer

Sophie Travers

Production Manager

Kelly Harrington

Creative Development Assistant

Tristan Bourke

AV Consultant

Jason Read of Optical Audio Productions

Interactive Systems/Visual Artist

Alex Gibson

Fed TV Editor

Nick Roux


Pia Johnson

Marketing Design

Chris More – Studio Organic 

Pete Brundle – Nice Device 

Selected videos


Bray Court

Commissioned by:

Federation Square’s Occupy program and presented in association with Melbourne Writers Festival; Sponsored by Optical Audio Productions; Supported by Rob Irwin and Murray Dempsey (Element Rigging), Steve Grimwald and Staff  (Melbourne Writers Festival).


Many thanks to the general public for sharing their stories.