He Took Us To The Cattleyard
site-specific installation
Project Description

A site-specific participatory installation using GPS sound, moving image and text collected onsite, to create an environmental experience.

The work operates like a spherical radar emitting concentric circles around a central focus, the cattleyard. Each circle is its own landscape of geography, history, nature, society, spirituality and time. When these lines intersect, the meaning of place is created. The cattleyard is connected to its architect, to the museum, to the slow waters nearby, to the neighbours, to the people who work the land, to another country, and to the animals whose presence defines its utility.

Project Credits
Lead Artist

David Pledger


Lydia Teychenne

Performances from

Sang Seo Won

The TarraWarra Abbey Choir 

Supported by

Peter the Farmer

Tony Dutton

Victoria Lynn

The Cattle of Tarrawarra Estate

Commissioned by:

TarraWarra Museum of Art for The Landscape Awry