interactive cinema
Project Description

Regarded as a precursor to narrative VR and AR media, this collaboration between David Pledger and Jeffrey Shaw, world-renowned pioneer of interactive cinema, pushes cinematic and theatrical imaginaries to create the world’s first interactive, panoramic feature film.

Presented in a 360-degree purpose-built screen environment, the story follows 10 people forever repeating the last 9 minutes of their lives. Exploring terrain at once spiritual, moral, ethical, psychological and physical, the narrative is driven by any member of the public who, as the user-director, reveals the secrets embedded in the interconnected stories.

Part game, part real-time film-making, part spectator sport, Eavesdrop opens up a continuum of possibility, potential and proposition. There are no full stops, no grand gestures. Only forward movement. 

The user’s interaction with the material and the viewing audience creates a communal imagination of the actual and the virtual, a portal from what is to what might be.

Project Credits
Director / Writer

David Pledger

Interactive Cinema Concept and Installation Design

Jeffrey Shaw


Paul Bongiovanni

Christopher Brown

John Flaus

Jason Gann

Liz Jones

Luciano Martucci

Alex Menglet

Benjamin McNair

Yumi Umiumare

Vivienne Walshe

Adam Zwar


Graeme Leak 

Dan Witton 

Boris Conley

Executive Producer

David Pledger


Martin Thiele

Director of Photography

Michael Williams


Rocco Fasano

Cinematic Composition & Video Post Production

Gregory Ferris

Set, Props, Costume Design

Danielle Harrison

Make Up

Angela Conte

Lighting Design

Paul Jackson

Sound Recordist

Steve Adam


Boris Conley

Script Editors

Elise McCredie

Tony Ayres

Production Manager

Martin Thiele


Todd MacDonald

Production Assistants

Natalie Cursio

Martina Murray

Stills Photographer

Lyn Pool

Graphic Designer

Pete Brundle

Audio Consultant

Lawrence Harvey

Assistant Sound Recordists

Alex Zenanda

Jeff Hannam

Commissioned by:

Assisted by the Confederation of Australian International Arts Festivals through the Major Festivals Initiative of the Australia Council, the Australian Government’s arts funding and advisory body; Melbourne International Arts Festival, Brisbane Festival and Sydney Festival; the Goethe Institute, and presented in association with the Australian Centre for the Moving Image and the UNSW iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research.