2006, 2004
agit-prop, site-specific tele-theatre
Project Description

Framed against the revelations of Chalmers Johnson’s book Blowback and George Bush’s Project For The New American Century, Blowback tells the story of a guerilla resistance of cultural activists operating in a dark, violent future Australia that is militarily occupied by America.

Onto the invading forces’ communications network, the group encrypts moving images from a banned Australian soap-opera in the hope it will incite a popular uprising

Project Credits
Writer / Director

David Pledger


Peter Eckersall

Lighting Design

Paul Jackson

Costume Design

Danielle Harrison

Sound Design

Lydia Teychenne

Film Editor

Mark Atkin


Louise Taube

Director Of Photography

Michael Williams

Dramaturgical Consultants

Tamara Saulwick

Elise McCredie


Martin Thiele

Production Manager

Paul Jackson

Stage Manager

Martina Murray

LX / AV Operator

Tristan Bourke

AV / Vision Switcher

Lydia Teychenne

Camera Operators

Mark Hennessy

Martina Murray

Danielle Harrison

Marketing and Publicity

Martin Thiele

Front-of-House Manager

Dioni Butt

Production Photography

Lyn Pool


Benjie MacNair            

Anita Hegh/Rachel Gordon

Todd MacDonald

Roslyn Oades

Natalie Cursio

Tom Considine

Luciano Martucci

Vivienne Walshe

Joshua Hewitt

Tamara Saulwick

Development Participants

Professor Dorothy Lees            

Dr Ghassan Hage                                              

Asif Zaman                                         

Rachel Butson

Dr Andy Butfoy                                                 

Tony Parkinson                              

Dr David Wright-Neville

Tony Briggs

Commissioned by:

Victoria Commissions through the Community Support Fund and presented in Melbourne by NYID, presented in Sydney by Sydney Opera House (2006)