ANAT SPECTRA 2022 :: Multiplicity
inaugural triennial event
Project Description

Curated by dp, ANAT SPECTRA: Multiplicity 2022 is a new artistic and discursive national, triennial event inspired by the intersection of art, science and technology.

The curatorial provocation is to consider a multiplicity of new ideas, ways of thinking, strategies and sensibilities to create futures for the human and non-human worlds that are fair, just and sustainable.

In addressing the urgency of this challenge, we built a new hybrid model that parlayed the strengths of online aesthetics and hard-wired them into a dedicated in-person, live program for a limited series of events in the midst of a global pandemic.

We reconfigured the modes of public discourse, live performance, television production and interactivity to discover how we might present to the world what we see, feel and think when working at the intersection of art, science and technology. First Nations perspectives were foregrounded as were the future impacts of climate change.

In this spirit, ANAT SPECTRA 2022: Multiplicity provides a space for the joy and pleasure of the contest of ideas, research and creation, deliberations of their impacts and meanings for future societies, and the generation of new artworks that might help us get there. Our gathering is intersectional, intergenerational, anti-disciplinary and reciprocal.

Project Credits
Project Credits

David Pledger


Tony Briggs, Zena Cumpston, Alex Kelly, Robert Walton, Nina Sellars


Australian Network of Art and Technology (ANAT)

A full list of credits is available on the project website.