2970° The Boiling Point
2017, 2015
arts-and-ideas happening
Project Description

2970° The Boiling Point is a happening of ideas underwritten by rigorous artistic practice.

Founded on NYID’s signature dramaturgy in which artists across art-forms and experts from social, scientific and academic fields from local, national and international contexts directly engage with curious publics through the language of arts practice, the methodology reflects the interconnectivity of disciplines, schools of thought and strategies of action.

We acknowledge the interconnectedness of all things, human and non-human. Our awareness of this is due to accelerated technological advances and how humans make sense of them in daily life. Our cultural response is simultaneously multi-faceted and rapacious. It is a process that rapidly creates new social spaces and knowledge gaps that need to be understood, communicated and filled. Unsurprisingly knowledge is now created and produced in a very different way. Its shape owes more to the matrix and the web than the silos of previous decades. And it’s driven by the concept of the ‘multiple’ which applies to manifestations such as cultures and companies, platforms and directions, thinking and policy.

The event’s ambition is to better understand our present tense so that we might positively influence our futures.

Project Credits

David Pledger

Curatorial Team

Natalie Cursio

Duyen Ho 

Ying Zhang


Julian Assange

Van Badham

Dr Daniel Glaser

Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro

Alex Kelly

Alex Monteith

Kyle Slabb


Liam Young


Michael Aird

Robyn Archer

Tim Baker

Chris Bennie

Louise Bezzina

Mara Bun

Jolie Clifford

Byron Coathup

Shanene Ditton

Natasha Edwards

Phillip Folent

Sam Foster

Leila Gurriwiwi

Libby Harward

Yasmin Khan

Kymberley McElroy

Nikos Papasterigaidis

Rebecca Ross


Brit Andresen

Mick Angus

Margi Brown Ash

Pippa Bailey

Dr. Danny Butt

Prof. Adrian Carter

Melinda Collie-Holmes

Angela Conquet

Daniel Della-Bosca

Shanene Ditton

Darren Paul Fisher

Lawrence Harvey

Professor Pat Hoffie

A/Professor Chris Knapp

Jordan Lacey

Todd MacDonald

Michael McCartney

Mick Angus

Pippa Bailey

Angela Conquet

Shanene Ditton

Darren Paul Fisher

Mike Foster

Lawrence Harvey

Jordan Lacey

Todd MacDonald

Prof. Brett Neilson

Michael McCartney

Prof. Nikos Papastergiadis

Kristy Seymour 

Prof. Stephen Stockwell

Ashleigh Wheeler

Dr. Sarah Winter

Prof. Alison Young


Criena Gehrke 

Josh Slabb

Todd MacDonald

Eleanor Jackson 

Kyle Slabb


Tristram Meecham

The Farm

Sipat Lawin

PVI Collective

Shock Therapy


Byron Coathup

Rebecca Ross

Cake Industries

Commissioned by:

Commissioned as an initiative of City of Gold Coast, presented by Home of the Arts (HOTA)